Fixes for macOS High Sierra Problems. Day 5,6 After Update

Here’s a quick roundup of fixes to common problems or issues that macOS High Sierra users are facing in the first weekend after its official launch.

  1. High Sierra installation causing file permission errors, not allowing copy paste files on APFS drive

This seems to be an emerging issue. If you can’t do simple things like copy paste files or folders to locations on your APFS drive, please try changing the permissions as follows.

Go to Finder -> Home -> Choose whichever file you are having trouble with -> Get Info -> Sharing and Permissions -> Click on the lock to unlock it. You might have to enter your Apple login and password to do this. Then, to finish off, click on the Action menu and select the option that says “Apple to enclosed items”.

Wait for the progress bar to tell you that the entire process is complete.

You will also have to take an additional manual step to fix your file permissions. Open Terminal and copy paste the following command and press enter.

diskutil resetUserPermissions / `id -u`

Once these two steps are complete, try copying or pasting the file that you were having trouble with and your problems should have gone away.

2. Finder is not responding on High Sierra

If Finder seems unresponsive, slow or even frozen and you have just upgraded to High Sierra, all you might need to do is wait for the problem to go away on its own. High Sierra might be indexing your hard disk, temporarily disabling many of Finder’s functionalities until the index is complete. If not for indexing, the problem could also be caused by iCloud drive sync that you may have turned on.

3. Mouse pointer changing size now and then in High Sierra

A mouse pointer that changes in size all of a sudden can be extremely distracting and annoying. Thankfully, the fix is very simple. Just go to your High Sierra system preferences, accessibility and then display. Once there, if High Sierra for whatever reason has enabled “Shake Mouse Pointer” option. If yes, disable it and your mouse pointer won’t change sizes anymore.

If it is enabled, what is happening is that your Mac is animating your pointer with a large size every time you quickly move your mouse, like when  you resume work or move all the way across the screen.

4. Conversation view in High Sierra Mail problems

If you are seeing a bunch of black block  frames instead of important mail conversations that you want to read, the fix is simple. Go to system preferences in your Mac. Once there, go to displays, color tab and then look for the calibrate button. Run through the calibration process which will require you to do a few simple mouse clicks. Once the calibration is successfully complete, you will no longer see black spaces when you open Apple Mail.

This will also fix black frame problems that you haven’t seen with other apps, but probably exist without you knowing.

5. Black login screen upon start of High Sierra

This occurs if you have enabled the “Show a message” option upon restart. High Sierra will surely fix the issue in a patch or the next release. Until then, go to System Preferences, security and privacy, general and then disable the “Show a message” option.

You will no longer face the black screen login issue.

5. High Sierra download is interrupted at 19.9 MB.

If you have tried download High Sierra installation files several time but are always seeing the process being aborted at 19.9 MB, here’s a workaround.

Go to system preferences, security and privacy and then file vault and turn it off. Then, download High Sierra like you always do. But, do not click on the continue button.

Instead, install it to a blank formatted macOS Extended Journal with an untitled name. Then open terminal and copy paste the following command.

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ –nointeraction &&say Done

High Sierra will now fully download, without any issues.

6. Time Machine not working on APFS format

TIme Machine unfortunately doesn’t work on an APFS format, though it will successfully convert to that format. For it to work, you need to reformat to a format other than APFS.

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