Fixes for macOS High Sierra Problems. Day 4 After Update

Here is a quick roundup of fixes for macOS High Sierra installation and performance issues, on the 4th day after High Sierra’s official release.

  1. High Sierra stuck in an endless installation loop, with error code 0

If you are getting a error 0 and are stuck with an installation process that has been on the same screen for over half an hour, you are going to have to abort the current High Sierra installation process.

The funny thing is that your Mac will tell you to “Quit the installer” without presenting you with a button that you can actually click! The only workaround to fix this error code 0 is to force shut down your Mac. Create a High Sierra installer on a USB drive. When your Mac restarts, make it restart from your USB installer. Before installing, format what will be your macOS partition and do a full install instead of a repair job.

It will install High Sierra.

2. Battery % not displaying properly in macOS High Sierra

If your battery icon is showing you all kinds of % figures, like 100% when you have barely charged your Mac or figures that are not at all accurate, you might need to do some system controller resets to fix the issue. First, check your Mac’s accurate battery status by going into battery settings. There, you should be able to see the real battery charge %.

First thing you can do is reset the SMC. Look up Apple’s website on how to do this.

Second thing you can do to fix the issue is restart your Mac in safe mode and see if it gives you an errors or warnings. If there are none, restart in normal mode again and check if the battery issue still persists.

If the problem doesn’t go away after even a safe mode restart, try to see if the issue is user specific. Try creating a guest user account or have one of your family members log into their account on the same Mac, to see if the problem still exists. If the problem exists in all the user accounts that you try, try resetting the SMC again. If it is user specific, please call Apple support for a query as we don’t know what might be causing a battery issue that is applicable only to your user account.

3. macOS HIgh Sierra installation stuck with “Retrying…/InstallESDDmg.pkg after 1 failure(s)” error.

GitHub has a fantastic step by step tutorial with background information to help you fix this error. Go to to follow it and get out of this problem.

As a reminder, please check our post on the top 10 fixes for High Sierra slow problems. It has been helping out a lot of people get their Mac up to speed, if it slowed down right after the recent  upgrade they did!

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