Fixes for macOS High Sierra Problems. Day 2 After Update

It is now about 36 hours past the official macOS High Sierra update. Yesterday, we updated our site with common issues faced with installation of High Sierra. We also touched upon some problems with not being able to see mail preferences after an upgrade to High Sierra.

Here is today’s round up of fixes for macOS High Sierra problems that users are facing. Once again, please note that these are fixes that are collated or curated from Apple’s discussion forums, where a lot of people ask questions and a lot of answers are posted. We only pick the answers that are tried and tested to work.

  1. Can’t find the “All My Files” option on Finder’s Sidebar anymore

This wasn’t exactly a very popular feature in older OS versions like Sierra or El Capitan. But, if you found it useful for whatever reason, you are going to miss it in High Sierra, as it just isn’t available.

Though you can’t have it back like before, there is a workaround.

To employ the workaround, find and click select your home folder. Press the command and F keys. Once the criteria box opens up, click on the + sign. Delete the first criteria that you see and only leave the option that says ‘Any of the following are true”. Also, make sure that you select and chance the first Kind to document. If there are more tweaks, carry it out in the next few line items. Save and and you are good to go. You will have what is essentially a “All My Files” search option in Finder.

2. iCloud Contacts not syncing on High Sierra

This can be a huge problem if you are doing a lot of contact related work on your phone, then your Mac and then back on your phone etc. Thankfully, the fix is very simple to have your contacts syncing smoothly on High Sierra.

Simply go to your User’s Library folder, then containers and then find a file called “”. Delete that file.

Restart your Mac for good measure and attempt contact syncing again. iCloud contacts should work for you this time.

3. Some websites don’t have volume when I use Safari running on macOS High Sierra

This is another very quick fix. The mute website problem occurs because of some Safari settings being changed back to default after upgrade to High Sierra. Go to preferences, select the auto-play tab and check the box that says “Allow All Autoplay”.

Visit the website again once you are done with this and sound media should be working like normal.

4. Not able to copy files larger than 4 GB onto Fat 32 Format external drives

This seems to be a bug and we are pretty sure Apple will put out a patch soon. But, if you have to copy a file larger than 4 GB in the meanwhile, use an app called Sync Folders Pro. It will take a little leg work to set up a sync between your source drive and your external hard drive, but it will get the job done for you. For now at least. Once Apple’s patch rolls out, you can simply drag and drop using High Sierra like any other OS.

5. Not  able to merge multiple PDFs to preview

If you need to merge multiple PDFs into one PDF, you can’t do it like before, like for example how you did it with Sierra.

High Sierra requires you to now select all your target pages, copy it to the clipboard (Command + c), then use Command + N. Then, do the same from file 2, 3 or how many ever files you have. Save the new file to create a merged PDF!

That’s it for day 2. Remember to check out to learn how to fix High Sierra performance issues, if you feel your Mac has slowed down after the update to the latest OS.

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