How to Create More Disk Space On Mac?

How to clean disk space on Mac? How to clear disk space on a Mac? How to create more disk space on Mac? These are all just different ways of asking the same question which is; how can I make my Mac’s disk lighter, allowing it to run faster.

Now, before we get into the answers to these questions, you should know that you have done the right thing to find a solution to this problem. Whether you knew it or not, free disk space on your Mac, especially on its OS partition or the partition where the OS is installed, is crucial to letting your Mac run at good speeds.

The more and more cluttered your Mac’s OS partition becomes, the less responsive your Mac will be. In fact, load it to anything more than 80% of your disk capacity and you run the risk of seeing your Mac actually freeze from time to time, slowing to a crawl or just giving you a frustrating user experience.

Thankfully, the answer to the question “How to create more disk space on mac?” is an easy one.

There’s a automated way to do it using software and there’s a manual way to do it as well. The automated way will clear up tons of free disk space without deleting anything important in a couple of minutes. What’s good about the automated way is that you can ALWAYS use the software to keep your Mac’s disk light, forever. You can do the same with the manual way as well, although it will need your time and a bit of technical knowledge.

Now, let’s get down to both methods.

How to clean up disk space on Mac? The Automated Way!

By using software, like we mentioned before. A software program like CleanMyMac 3 does a phenomenal job of freeing up disk space on your Mac. Used by millions of Mac users, the third iteration of this software is much more than just a program used to create free space on your Mac. It can speed up your Mac by a significant level. It will also get rid of the thousand duplicates in your iPhotos folder. It will clean up your Mail, your iTunes and will also help you get rid of large chunky files that you haven’t touched in years.

create more disk space with cleanmymac 3It also doubles up as a fantastic program to safely and fully remove unnecessary applications on your Mac that you want uninstalled. CleanMyMac 3 also gives you a fantastic maintenance functions that always allow you to keep your Mac healthy. Lastly, the health and monitoring function allows you to keep an eye on your Mac’s health as well.

Coming back to creating more disk space on your Mac, CleanMyMac 3 does that by using an intelligent algorithm to find junk and unnecessary files that are of no use to you or your Mac. Your Mac has thousands of these files. Finding each one and deleting them one by one is a humongous task that will take hours.

CleanMyMac 3 does it in a few minutes, with just one click of the button. You can hit this button every week, to always keep your Mac’s disk super light. In return, you will be rewarded with great performance on your Mac, without ever seeing performance or speed issues.

CleanMyMac 3 is available for a FREE download here.

How to clean up disk space on Mac? The Manual Way

As mentioned earlier, this will take more time. But, it is doable, if you follow the many instructions given below.

  • Empty Mac trash to create more disk space on MacClean up trash – You might have been deleting stuff off your Mac but they really haven’t left your Mac’s disk until you have emptied trash. In other words, if you throw stuff into the dustbin but never empty your home’s dustbin, the trash is still in your home! Select your Mac’s main trash and right click on it and hit empty trash. You have to empty out the trash in iPhoto, iMovie and Mail as well, as they all have their own trash cans to dump files into.
  • Uninstall useless applications – Take a look at the list of programs that you use on your Mac. You can see this by going to Finder and then by clicking on Applications. If you don’t need an application, uninstall it! It is important to understand not to delete applications and that you have to only uninstall them. delete mac applications you don't use to create free disk space on MacTo see which applications are taking up the most space, click on the Size tabular column in the Applications list. For example, something like iMovie takes up 2.9 GB of space! If you have never used iMovie or never plan to use it, that’s an easy 3 GB clean up.

On a side, note, removing unnecessary applications can also possibly help speed up your Mac, especially if these programs are running in the background, after starting up from your login list.

  • Delete Mac language files you don’t need – Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Baseque, Brteton, Bulgarian. These are all languages and your Mac has the ability to run OS in any of these languages plus about 150 others. If you don’t see yourself using anything but English, deleting these foreign languages will help free up space. To remove foreign languages, download a program called Monolingual. When you install and open that program, it will give you the option to delete any of the languages in the list. Select all the languages you don’t need and simply hit “Remove”. You also have an option to remove unnecessary architectures on your Mac but we don’t recommend using that utility as you might not know which architecture is being used for which program.
  • Mail attachments can add up over time! – Pictures, short videos, PDF documents, word and Power Point presentations. All this can bloat your Mac Mail. Since Mac Mail stores all these attachments on your hard drive for easy access, it can sometimes run up to 10, 20 and sometimes hundreds of GB. Unfortunately, the only way to manually clean up your Mac Mail is to go through each mail message and delete mails that you don’t need. A program like CleanMyMac 3 which we talked about earlier will delete these cache files in an instant though. To prevent Mac Mail from automatically downloading all mail attachments, go to Mail Accounts, select the account, go to the Advanced tab and then un-check the box that says “Automatically download all attachments”.
  • Use latest OS Storage Optimization tools  – mac OS High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan all have store optimization features that you can use to free up disk space on your Mac. For example, the store in iCloud feature will allow you to upload a lot of your Mac’s files onto Apple’s cloud storage. Optimize storage will help you get rid of a lot of iTunes media that you haven’t used in a long time

So, there you have it. The many ways to free up disk space on a Mac. Like we said before, the manual method will take some time and effort but it will work if you have the time. If you would rather just hit “Clean” to create disk space on your Mac, simply go ahead and use Clean My Mac 3 to get the job done in a matter of minutes.

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