About Me

Mark Spencer at El Capitan SlowHi there people

My name is Mark Spencer. I am actually a professional masseuse! Oh, and I use Macs. No, I am not an Apple “FanBoy”. I don’t use them because they are cool or because they are expensive and it makes me feel important.

I use Macs because I have had enough misery with viruses crashing my Windows PCs, twice. It is nothing but harrowing to see all important data that you own rendered useless, because your OS couldn’t keep it together.

Anyways, I also love Macs because of Time Machine, iCloud and reliability that you get when both hardware and software are from the same vendor.

Of course, I won’t say owning a Mac is all peaches and cream! Especially of late, I have been noticing that OS X has become quite demanding. When I installed Yosemite on my MacBook 2009, I thought it was slower than when it ran on OS X Mavericks which I would call my favorite OS X till date. A lot slower actually. I applied a number of tweaks to get it back up to speed. Then, in August 2015, I tried El Capitan’s beta release. Again, same problem. A slowdown.

But again, I was able to apply a few tweaks to get it up to speed. Now, my El Capitan beta is actually running faster than when my MacBook was running on a full-fledged version of OS X Yosemite. I would still say that my MacBook probably ran faster on Mavericks but the cool UI and utility features that El Capitan brings is a speed trade off that I can live with, especially since the difference isn’t much.

Anyways, since I was confident that my tweaks will help speed up my MacBook, I thought I will share it with people who are trying out El Capitan. Of course, the majority of problems with El Capitan will probably surface in about a month’s time, as Apple puts out its new version OS X in October of every year.

When that time comes, I hope this blog is of help to everyone. Thank you!

Mark Spencer